Thursday, June 9, 2016

18 Aprile 1964 Italian hit parade

Here's an example of the Italian singles' charts - 18 April 1964 - and its correlation to the Brazilian charts of 6 or 7 months later. In other words... it took approximately between 6 months to one year for an Italian single to reach the Brazilian charts... when it did. 

Let's only take the records that entered both Italian and Brazilian charts: John Foster's 'Amore scusami' reached #1 in Italy on 18 April 1964 and reached #1 in Brazil 9 months later - on 5 January 1965. 

Adriano Celentano never had a hit in Brazil. Mina's 'È l'uomo per me' fell from the #1 position in Italy and - believe it or not - it was the one and only hit Mina has ever had in Brazil - reaching #8 in September 1964. 

Richard Anthony's 'Cin cin' was #1 in Italy in March 1964 and #1 in Brazil circa October 1964. 

Gianni Morandi's 'In ginocchio da te' reached #1 in Italy around June and # 5 in Brazil circa November 1964.

Nico Fidenco's 'Con te sulla spiaggia' was going up the Italian charts in April 1964 but only reached #15 in Brazil circa November 1964. 

Rita Pavone's 'Scrivi' went up 13 notches to #12 in April... in Brazil 'Scrivi' went up to #1 in August 1964. The only reason it went up so high and so soon was because Rita Pavone had toured Brazil in late June 1964 and was really popular on TV. 

Bobby Solo's 'Credi a me' reached #13 in Italy... it played well on the Brazilian radio but as 'Una lacrima sul viso' had been #2 for 8 weeks circa June-July 1964... it sort of cancelled itself out. 

So from out of a list of the 30 best selling singles in Italy in April 1964 - Brazilians chose to buy only 8 singles which was less than one-third. 

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