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ODEON-EMI singles

Odeon is a subsidiary of Great Britain's EMI in Brazil. EMI's Italian releases were put together with other countries entries, so we'll find acts like Peppino di Capri and The Beatles together; or Pino Donaggio and The Animals.

Partial list of Italian singles released by Odeon in Brazil - 1963 - 1969 - other nationalities included
the actual numbering is 7I-3000 but I simplied as 3000

3030  -  Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Aruko) / Anoko no namaewa nantenkana  -  Kyu Sakamoto 
3032  -  Come sinfonia / Sera d'inverno  -  Pino Donaggio
3034  -  Au revoir / Ruby baby  -  Richard Anthony
3043  -  Bad for me (Lennon-McCartney) / I call your name - Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas
3044  -  Please, please me / From me to you  -  The Beatles
3045  -  How do you do? / I like it - Gerry and the Pacemakers 
3046  -  Shina no yoru (Noites da China) / Benkyo no cha cha cha  -  Kyu Sakamoto
3047  -  Roberta / T'hanno vista domenica sera  -  Peppino di Capri
3049  -  I want to hold your hand She loves you  -  The Beatles
3050  -  Surin' bird / King of the surf  -  The Trashmen
3056  -  Motivo d'amore / Il domani è nostro  -  Pino Dinaggio
3058  -  Au revoir / Toi  -  Gilberto Becaud 

3061  -  Cin cin (Cheat cheat) / Un momento ancora (You'll never walk alone) - Richard Anthony
3062  -  La vela bianca - Se ritornassi - Gilbert Becaud 
3068  -  Do you love me?  / Glad all over  -  Dave Clark Five
3069  -  Quando è sera / Non vado a quella festa  -  Pino Donaggio
3070  -  Solo un' amicizia / Può accared domani - Paola Penni
3071  -  Come mio padre / Sulla spiaggia non si può (Massara-Mogol) - Vanna Brosio 
3074  -  Long tall Sally / I call your name  -  The Beatles
3075  -  Solo due righe / Ieri sera a quella festa  -  Peppino di Capri
3080  -  Per questa volta  (Too late to worry) (David-Bacharach) / Il treno va -   Richard Anthony

3083  -  I should have known better / A hard day's night  -  The Beatles
3086  -  The house of the rising sun / Talkin' bout you  -  The Animals
3094  -  Il mio mondo / La mia festa (It's my party)  -  Richard Anthony
3092  -  I'm into something good / Your hand in mine  -  Herman's Hermits
3096  -  From Russia with love / Cheek to cheek  -  Matt Monro
3098  -  Non rispondo di me / Ed ora te ne vai - Vanna Brosio 

3100  -  Bits and pieces / Any way you want it - Dave Clark Five
3101  -  Tema de James Bond 007 (Norman) / The blacksmith blues  - The John Barry Seven
3102  -  I feel fine /  If I fell  -  The Beatles 
3103  -  Walk away (Warum nur warum?) / For mama (La mamma)  -  Matt Monro  1965
3105  -  Io che non vivo (senza te) (San Remo '65) / Il mondo di notte  -  Pino Donaggio
3118  -  A toi de choisir (Swingin on a star) / Ecoute dans le vent (Blowin' in the wind) - Richard Anthony
3119  -  Eight days a week / Rock and roll music  -  The Beatles

3122  -  Show me girl / Can't you hear my heart beat?  -  Herman's Hermits
3137  -  Yesterday's gone / Lemon tree - Chad & Jeremy (Ember International)
3143  -  I'm Henry the Eight, I am / The end of the world  -  Herman's Hermits 
3123  -  Maria no mas (Maria Ninguém) / Quizás, quizás, quizás  -  Cliff Richard with The Shadows
3146  -  Catch us if you can / Having a wild weekend  - Dave Clark Five - 1966

3178  -  Bus stop (Gouldman) / Oriental sadness - The Hollies - 1967
3182  -  No milk today (Graham Gouldman) / East west - Herman's Hermits
3185  -  Inch' Allah / En bandouliere (gravado ao vivo no Olympia) - Adamo
3188  -  On a caroussel / Carrie Anne - The Hollies
3191  -  There's a kind of hush / Little boy sad - Herman's Hermits - 1967
3196  -  L'important c'est la rose / Mes hommes a mo  -  Gilbert Becaud

3209  -  Merci beaucoup / Seul sur son etoile (It must be him)  -  Gilbert Becaud
3222  -  Jennifer Eccles / King Midas in reverse - The Hollies - 1968
3233  -  Sayonara Sayonara / Hitoribocchi no futari  -  Kyu Sakamoto   1968
3242  -  Un jour, un enfant / Belle de Luxembourg  -  Frida Boccara   1969
3246  -  My sentimental friend / My lady - Herman's Hermits (Mikie Most production)
3258  -  He ain't heavy... he's my brother / Sorry Suzanne - The Hollies - 1970
3286  -  Lady Barbara / Don't just stand there - Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits - 1972

EMI's Odeon singles from 1963 through to 1969.

'Ue o Muite Aruko' which translates as 'I shall walk looking up' or 'Looking up at the sky' was picked up by a Seattle, WA DJ and played at his radio show. As he didn't know how to pronounce the title he started calling it 'Sukiyaki' which has got nothing to do with anything... but it stuck! Kyu Sakamoto's original played well in Brazil but Trio Esperança's 'Olhando para o céu' was the hit. Carlos Imperial a DJ and a journalist wrote the liner notes in the back-cover telling how successful the single had been everywhere in the world: #1 in the Billboard charts. 
Pino Donaggio's 'Come sinfonia' (3032)
Richard Anthony (3034) was first introduced in Brazil as a French act (he was actually Egyptian and went to French-language schools)... but he hit #1 later in 1964 with an Italian-language hit (Cin cin) and after that his releases were all in Italian. 'Au revoir' was a hit by his author: Gilbert Becaud.
The Beatles' first single in Brazil: 'Please, please me' (3044); it went completely unoticed. 
Kyu Sakamoto (3046)
'Roberta' (3047)
'I want to hold your hand' (3049) was released with a fanfare...
with an extra cover on top of the plastic cover... only for The Beatles.
The Trashmen (3050) were a sensation with 'Surfin' bird'.
(3056) Odeon didn't bother to change sleeves' photos. Sometimes they change the colour... Pino Donaggio's 'Motivo d'amore' sleeve is exactly the same as his previous single 'Come sinfonia'.
'Au revoir' (3058) was Gilbert Becaud second biggest hit in Brazil. 
'Cin cin' (3061) was #1 in Brazil for 4 weeks in September 1964.
Gilbert Becaud (3062) sings 'Le bateau blanc' (La vela bianca) in Italian.
Dave Clark Five (3068) cover of  The Contours 'Do you love me' was a smash-hit.
Pino Donaggio's 'Quando è sera' (3069); the original 'Quando è sera' Columbia sleeve.
Paola Penni (3070) 'Solamente un' amicizia' was one of 42 records in competition for 'Un disco per l'estate 1964' that took place in Italy from April through to October.
Vanna Brosio (3071) 'Come mio padre' b/w 'Sulla spiaggia non si può'. Young female Italian rock singers were in vogue after Rita Pavone took the charts by storm in 1964. 
'Long tall Sally' (3074)
Peppino di Capri (3075)
'Per questa volta' (3080) written originally as 'Too lato to worry' by Burt Bacharach as was Richard Anthony's follow up to his #1 'Cin cin'.
'A hard day's night' backed with 'I should have known better' (3083) - a double-sided hit for the Beatles
'The house of the rising sun' (3086) was one the longest recording ever to hit the Hit Parade.
'La mia festa' (3094) was 'It's my party' sung in Italian by Egyptian Richard Anthony who made his career in France.
Herman's Hermits (3092) 'I'm into something good' was not a hit at all. It was hardly played on the radio.
'From Russia with love' (3096) went to #1 in 1964.

Vanna Brosio (3098) 2nd single released by Odeon; neither had much air-play.
Dave Clark Five's 'Bits and pieces' (3100) didn't make the charts in Brazil even though it was big elsewhere.
The John Barry Seven (3101) with The James Bond Theme
(3102) 'I feel fine' was the first rock song with a 'feed back' sound as an introduction.
'Walk away' (3103) was Matt Monro's follow up to 'From Russia with love'. It went up the charts and had good air play. It was a translation from Udo Jurgens German hit 'Warum nur warum?'.
'Io che non vivo senza te' (3105) Pino Donaggio's biggest hit ever... here or there!
Even though Jody Miller belongs to Capitol Records and had a different numbering, it was pressed by EMI's Odeon. At San Remo, Jody was assigned to sing Pino Donaggio's 'Io che non vivo (senza te)' which turned out to be the most popular entry of 1965. Dusty Springfield recorded it later and so did Elvis Presley as 'You don't have to say you love me'.
'A toi de choisir' ('Swinging on a star' sung in French) 3118
(3119) a Beatles double-sided hit even though 'Rock and roll music' was more popular in the air-waves.
Herman's Hermits (3122) had to wait a little longer to finally hit with 'No milk today'.
Chad & Jeremy (3137) with 'Yesterday's gone' b/w 'Lemon tree'.

Herman's Hermits (3143) 'I'm Henry the Eight I am' has never received any air-play.
'Carrie Anne' (3188) was The Hollies's follow-up to 'Bus stop'. Such a good song but didn't get any air-play in Brazilian radio.
Kyu Sakamoto (3233) was back with 'Sayonara, sayonara' which he sang at Rio de Janeiro's International Song Festival in 1968; Sakamoto had shot to world prominence after 'Ue O Muite Arukou' went to #1 in the USA in 1963. He tragically died in an air crash on 12 August 1965. 

Frida Boccara's 'Un jour, un enfant' (3242) won Eurovision 1969.

Warner Brothers Records singles released by EMI-Odeon

Warner Brothers Records was pressed and distributed by EMI's Odeon in Brazil. Their partnership started with the release of 'Rome Adventure's sound-track. They had a string of hits in 1963 and 1964.

15.001 - Al di là (Emilio Pericoli) / Sassi (Gino Paoli) - 1963
15.002 - 500 miles / Puff - Peter, Paul & Mary 
15.003 - The days of wine and roses / Wendy - The Four Saints  
15.004 - Rhythm of the rain / Let me be - The Cascades 
15.005 -
15.008 - Mariolina / Rome by night - Emilio Pericoli
15.009 - If I had a hammer / Five hundred miles - Peter, Paul & Mary - 1964

15.011 - Abigail Beecher / All American girl - Freddie Cannon
15.014 - For lovin' me (Gordon Lightfoot) / Monday morning - Peter, Paul & Mary - 1965
15.017 - Good lovin' / Olympic shuffle - The Olympics

Here's the British EP sleeve whose lay-out was copied by Brazilian Odeon; they switiched the kissing couple with the couple sitting on a Lambretta which made it much better; 'Al di là' back-cover refers to the film as 'Lovers must learn'; it was copied from the British EP EMI release and not from the American original.

British EP labels.
 'Al di là' (WB-15001) with Emilio Pericoli was the first Italian hit pressed by EMI-Odeon in Brazil. It became a hit due to 'Rome Adventure's box-office success!

Peter, Paul & Mary's '500 Miles' b/w 'Puff' (WB-15.002)
The Cascades' 'Rhythm of the rain' (WB-15.004). This is what the text at the back sleeve says: O som excitantemente novo vem de uma super macia mistura de vozes dos 5 rapazes que formam The Cascades: John Gummoe, Eddie Snyder, Dave Stevens, Dve Wilson e Dave Zabo. Surgiram em San Diego, Cal. e variam entre 19 e 24 anos. 

Emilio Pericoli (15.008) 2nd single for WB
'If I had a hammer' (15.009) with '500 miles' as a B side.
Freddie Cannon (15.011) with 'Abigail Beecher'
'For lovin' me' (15.014) never made the charts but was later covered by local Trio Ternura as 'Se seu amor fosse p'ra mim'. 
The Olympics's 'Good lovin'' (15.017) was later covered by the Young Rascals who took it to #1 in the USA. 

Vic Damone records Dorival Caymmi's 'Das Rosas' (And roses and roses) (WB-5727) b/w 'For mama' (La mamma).

London singles

7L 6005 - Diane / I believe - The Bachelors
7L 6011 - Peanuts / Twist and shout - Brian Poole & The Tremoloes - 1964
7L 6016 - Satisfaction / Mercy, mercy - The Rolling Stones - 1965
7L 6025 - Black is black / Baby, baby - Los Bravos - 1967
7L 6026 - Ruby Tuesday / Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadows? - Rolling Stones
7L 6030 - Happy together / Can I get to know you better? - The Turtles - 1967
7L 6037 - You'll never get the chance again / I'm all ears - Los Bravos - 1967
7L 6041 - Jumpin Jack Flash / Child of the moon - The Rolling Stones
7L 6042 - The story of rock and roll / Can't you hear the cows? - The Turtles
7L 6047 - Elenore / Surfer Dan - The Turtles - 1968
7L 6065 - Reflections of my life / Rollin' my thing - The Marmalade - 1970
7L 6080 - Rainbow / The ballad of Cherry Flavar - The Marmalade - 1970

7L 6125 - Pillow talk / My thing - Sylvia (Robinson)  1973

The Bachelors (6005)
Brian Poole (6011) came with the British Invasion but hardly had any radio air-play
'Rainbow', The Marmalade (6080) follow-up to 'Reflections of my life' was even better

Capitol singles 

7C-11018 - A true true love (love theme from 'If a man answers' / If a man answers - Bobby Darin
7C-11023 - 18 yellow roses / Not for me - Bobby Darin
7C 11033 - Aqui se habla de amor / Solamente una vez - Nat King Cole
7C 11038 -  Love (Amore) / Tu sei così amabile - Nat King Cole
7C 11039 - Io che non vivo (senza te) / Devi essere tu - Jody Miller 
7C 11040 - How glad I am / Corcovado - Nancy Wilson
7C 11041 - People / The girl from Ipanema - Nat King Cole - 1964
7C 11042 - I could have danced all night / On the street where you live - Nat King Cole

7C 11045 - Help me, Rhonda / Kiss me, baby - The Beach Boys  1965
7C 11046 - Hello, Dolly! / Venice blue - Bobby Darin
7C 11047 - Amore, scusami / Ramona - Al Martino
7C 11059 - I love you, you love me / Sometimes - Anthony Quinn
7C 11063 - Going out of my head - Can't take my eyes off you / I believe - The Lettermen - 1968 
7C 11145 - Love (Lennon) / Maybe tomorros - The Lettermen - 1972 

Bobby Darin (11018) sings songs from 1962's 'If a man answers' which he and wife Sandra Dee filmed after 1961's box-office sensation 'Come September'
Bobby Darin (11023) left Atco for Capitol soon after the success of 1961's 'Come September'
Nat (11033) still singing in Spanish after a few years...
Nat (11038) sings in Italian this time...
Jody Miller (11039) was lucky enough to have been given Pino Donaggio's 'Io che non vivo senza te' to sing at Festival di San Remo 1965. Even though Jody did not belong to an A-team she was given the most popular song out of that year's competition. Elvis and Dusty Springfield recorded it later on.
Nancy Wilson (11033) sings 'Corcovado' written by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Nat (11041) sings 'The girl from Ipanema' (in English) b/w 'People'

Nta King Cole (11042) with 'My fair lady' staple
The Beach Boys (11045) hit the air waves with 'Help me, Rhonda'.
Al Martino (11047) covers John Foster's 'Amore scusami'

Reprise singles

7R 17001 - America / If I had a hammer - Trini Lopez  (Don Costa production) - 1964
7R 17002 - La bamba / What'd I say? - Trini Lopez
7R 17004 - Everybody loves somebody sometimes / A little voice - Dean Martin 
7R 17005 - Bye bye love / Michael - Trini Lopez
7R 17016 - Sinner man / Double trouble - Trini Lopez - 1966

for some mysterious reason 'We'll sing in the sunshine' / 'Greenback collar' had a different serial number - 3073 that doesn't make sense. 


  1. Vive Richard Anthony!!! He had a few smash-hits in Brazil... first in Italian and then in French, especially with 'Arranjuez mon amour'!