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imported Italian magazines in the 1960s.

The so-called Italian music invasion of Brazil started up in mid to late 1963. with Nico Fidenco's 'Legata a un granello di sabbia' and Emilio Pericoli's 'Al di là'.

In 1964, Rita Pavone's 'Datemi un martello' was the best selling single in the country; the runner-up was Sergio Endrigo's 'Io che amo solo te'...

1965 started with John Foster's 'Amore scusami' at the top of the charts; in March 1965, Bobby Solo's 'Se piangi se ridi' was #1... and by August 1965, Pino Donaggio's 'Io che non vivo (senza te)' was #1 in the whole country.

Then, as of September 1965, Brazilian rock aka Jovem Guarda (Young Guard) took over from the Italians... but one could still listen to Italian hits like Gianni Morandi's 'In ginocchio da te' on the radio.

As 1966 started, suddenly, out of the blue there was a 'flood' of Italian magazines on the newsstands of Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro. Italian illustrated magazines like 'Oggi', 'Gente', 'L' Europeo' etc. were common but not youth-oriented-magazines... that was new! 'BIG' was the first Italian youth-magazine I bought. 'Giovani' came out soon after...

In Rio de Janeiro, for being a sea-port city one could find a much wider variety of Italian rags like 'Bolero', 'Sorrisi e Canzoni' and others. Here are some examples of the Italian youth-magazines I used to cherish.

4 Febbraio 1966 (Rita Pavone); 21 Gennaio 1966 (Edoardo Vianello).
BIG 4 Marzo 1966.
2 Luglio 1966 with Michele; 20 Agosto 1966 with Dino.
9 Marzo 1967; Cantagiro 1967.
26 Gennaio 1967.

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