Friday, November 28, 2014

Mocambo Italiana

1046  -  Se piangi, se ridi (sung by Bruno Barese) / Le coline sono in fiore (Laura Casati) 1964

1075  -  N'avoue jamais / Songe Songe - Guy Mardel  
1077  -  Call me (Tony Hatch) / Everything in the garden  -  Petula Clark  (Vogue)
1078  -  Warum nur, warum? / Frag nie (Ma vie) - Udo Jürgens  (Vogue)
1088  -  Aline / Je ne t'aime plus  -  Christophe (AZ)

1102  -  Amore di tabacco / Rapsodie - Mina (Italdisc)
1103  -  Les cloches d'ecosse / Tous les jours sont les memes - Jean Jacques Debout
1106  -  Somewhere, my love (Maurice Jarre- ) / Street of dreams - Jack Jones 
1111  -  Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney) / You're sensational (Cole Porter) - Jack Jones  (Kapp)

1118  -  Merci chérie / Ça ne vaut pas l'amour - Udo Jürgens (Disques Vogue)  1966
1119  -  Parlami di te / Nel mondo intero  -  Françoise Hardy (Vogue)
1127  -  Les marionettes / Je suis parti - Christophe (AZ)
1124  -  Dio, come ti amo / Ditele che sono felice - Domenico Modugno
1130  -  Ci diremmo addio / La luna a fiori - Filippo
1138  -  Juanita Banana / Pas adieu - The Monks 

1150  -  Strangers in the night / The 'in' crowd - Jack Jones  (Kapp)
1155  -  Un debito di baci / Non è ancora passata - Milena (Carosselo)
1173  -  Il' y a très longtemps / Ne dis pas - Michel Paley (disques Vogue)
1185  -  Born free / Jimmie's train  -  Roger Williams (Kapp)
1198  -  Who am I? (Hatch-Trent) / Love is a long journey - Petula Clark (Vogue)

1202  -  See you in September / Tonight I fell in love -  The Happenings (B.T.Puppy Records)
1204  -  Winchester Cathedral / Got to get you into my life - John Smith & the New Sound - Deutsche-Vogue
1211  -  Daydream (Sebastian) / Night owl blues - The Lovin' Spoonful (Kama-Sutra)
1214  -  Lady (Kaempfert-Rehbein-Singleton-Kusik) / Afraid to love - Jack Jones (Kapp)  
1226  -  Dove credi di andare? / L'amore fra noi due - Memo Remigi (Curci)  1967
1228  -  Go away little girl / Goodnight my love - The Happenings (B.T.Puppy) 
1243  -  This is my song (Chaplin) / The show is over - Petula Clark  (Vogue)
1248  -  Reach out I'll be there / Until you love someone - Four Tops (Motown)

1260  -  I got rhythm (Gershwin) / If you love me, really love me (Hymne a l'amour) - The Happenings 
1279  -  Don't sleep in the subway / I couldn't live without your love - Petula Clark 
1284  -  Bernadette / I got a feeling - Four Tops (Motown) 
1286  -  Love bug leave my heart alone / One way out - Martha & the Vandellas 
1298  -  The cat in the window / Reach out I'll be there - Petula Clark
1299  -  My mammy / Why do fools fall in love? - The Happenings 
1300  -  If you go away / Once upon a time - Jack Jones - 1967  

Mocambo-Rozenblit new numbering system circa 1968

5001 - I say a little prayer / Alfie - I Dionne Warwick 
5003 - Valley of the dolls (Andre Previn) / Go with love (Bacharah-David) - Dionne Warwick
5004 - Walk away Renée / I'm a believer - Four Tops (Motown) 
5012 - Some things you never get used to / You've been so wonderful to me - Diana Ross & The Supremes - 1968

5019 - Who's gonna love me? / (There's) Always something there to remind me - Dionne Warwick 
5022 - Don't give up / Every time I see a rainbow - Petula Clark (Vogue)
5028 - Love child / Will this be the day? - Diana Ross & The Supremes - 1968 

Petula Clark (1077) sings 'Call me' written by Tony Hatch.
Udo Jürgens (1078) wrote and sings 'Warum nur, warum' that Matt Monro covered in English taking it up to Top Five at the Brazilian charts as 'Walk away'; 'Frag' nie' is Alain Barrière's 'Ma vie' sung auf deutsche.
Christophe's 'Aline' (1088) went all the way to #1 in Brazil. 
Mina (1102) 'Amore di tabacco' b/w 'Rapsodie'.
singer-song-writer Jean Jacques Debout (1103) sings his greatest hit.
Jack Jones (1106) sings 'Somewhere, my love', Maurice Jarre's haunting melody from 'Dr. Jivago'.
Jack Jones (1111) covers The Beatles's 'Yesterday' but it was Matt Monro's version which played on Brazilian radio. 
Udo Jürgens (1118) won 1966 Eurovision with 'Merci chérie'
Françoise Hardy (1.119) sings 'Parlami di te' at San Remo in 1966.

Domenico Modugno (1124)  won 1966 San Remo with 'Dio, come ti amo'
The Monks (1138) were an avant-garde garage-rock band, formed by American GIs who were based in Germany. Here they play 'Juanita Banana' b/w 'Pas adieu'.
Milena (1155) records 'Non è ancora passata' written by land-leader Enrico Simonetti who had lived in Brazil in the 1950s and was back in Italy working full on. 
Filippo (1130) was utterly unknown in Brazil but had a single released anyway.
Michel Paley (1173)
pianist Roger Williams (1185) plays the Theme from Elsie in 'Born free'.
one more Hatch-Trent tune for Petula Clark (1198)
'See you in September' was The Happenings (1202) biggest hit.
Jack Jones (1214) good-looking as ever
The Happenings (1228) cover Steve Lawrance's 'Go away little girl' written by Goffin & Carole King.
Memo Remigi (1226) records Sergio Endrigo's 1967 entry to San Remo: 'Dove credi di andare?'
'Reach out I'll be there' (1248) was Motown's most successful single ever released in Brazil.
The Happenings's Gershwin's tune 'I got rhythm' (1260) was the follow-up to 'See you in September'
Petula Clark (1279) sings 'Don't sleep in the subway' (Não durma no metrô).
Four Tops (1284) tried hard to top 'Reach out' with 'Bernadette'...
Martha & the Vandellas (1286) 'Love bug leave my heart alone' b/w 'One way out'
Petula Clark (1298) sings 'Reach out I'll be there' too; Petula with some friends...
The Happenings (1299) revives 'My mammy' originally recorded by Al Jolson in 1927 b/w 'Why do fools fall in love?' done originally by Frankie Lymon in 1956.

Dionne Warwick (5.003) sings the Theme of 'Valley of the dolls' written by Andre Pevin
Four Tops's 'Walk away Renée' (5.004)
Diana Ross & The Supremes (5.028) 'Love child' flip-side. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Italian pop-music ruled Brazilian air-waves

Fans' scrap-books are the best way to judge how successful one was at a certain time. Here's some examples of how successful Italian music was in Brazil between 1963 and 1967.

Rita Pavone was absolute Number One
Nico Fidenco one of the 1st Italian acts to break into the Brazilian market with 'Legata a un granello di sabbia'
Gianni Morandi was #1 with 'In ginocchio da te' - John Foster was #1 with 'Amore scusami' 
Sergio Endrigo visited Brazil a few weeks before the military coup - Michele was in S.Paulo in 1965
Catherine Spaak's 'L'esercito del surf' was popular but Wanderlea's cover was even more- Giancarlo Guardabassi's 'Se ti senti sola' 
Edoardo Vianello visited Brazil twice - Pino Donaggio was king with 'Io che non vivo'
Nico Fidenco's 'Ciò che rimane alla fine di un amore' - Mina's 'È l'uomo per me'