Saturday, February 14, 2015

Copacabana Italiana - Som Maior Italiana

Italian pop music was so popular in Brazil circa 1964 that even Brazilian labels like Copacabana Discos made a point of releasing some Italian records. Copacabana got the rights from Carosello Records and released this single by rock'n'roller An'Neris.  

This Copacabana single was made up of 2 A-sides. 'Corsaro' had been released by Carosello in 1963 and 'Matta matta' in 1962.

1962 - 'Matta matta' / 'Voglio saper' (Carosello CI-20066)
1963 - 'Corsaro' / 'Pippo non lo sa' (Carosello CI-20090)

An'Neris real name was Neris Baldassari. She was born in Brescia, 28 Febbruary 1947. She was discovered by musician Vitaliano Caruso when she was 13 years old and given the title 'Miss Rock'n'roll'.

In 1962 she signs up with Carosello Records and take part in the International Twist Festival with a song called 'I magnifici tre'. In 1964 she takes part in Festivalbar with 'Dov'ero'.

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C O P A C A B A N A      I n t e r n a t i o n a l      r e l e a s e s 

1305 - Corsaro / Matta matta - An' Neris 
1312 - Western Union / Now that it's over - The Five Americans

S o m /  M a i o r

172 - Mi va di cantare (San Remo '68) / Grassa e bella (Chiosco-Kramer) - Louis Armstrong (C.D.I.)
176 - Che vale per me (Rossi-Terzi) / Eccomi - Eartha Kitt (C.D.I.) San Remo '68

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